Yakunina Marina

Yakunina MarinaDVM, PhD, Veterinary oncology specialist, chemotherapist.

Yakunina Marina

DVM, PhD, Veterinary oncology specialist, chemotherapist.

She has graduated from Moscow Academy of applied biotechnology in 1996, speciality – veterinary.

She defended МPhil thesis «Conservative treatment of the dog with osteosarcoma» in 2006, and she defended PhD thesis «Clinical and morphological aspects of the course and drug sensitivity breast cancer in dogs and cats» in 2011. Yakunina M.N. works at comparative оncology and develops new methods and schemes of treatment of oncological diseases. She has a lot of publications, and she published one book – «Breast cancer in dogs and cats». Yakunina Marina is ESVONC member, and a member of editorial board of «Russian Veterinary Journal».

She founded and chair Russian society of veterinary oncology – Institute of development of comparative oncology (IRSO) in 2005.