NAVC globalization

NAVC globalization

The 30th anniversary of NAVC (North America Veterinary Conference®) was held on 19–23 January of 2013 in Orlando, Florida, USA.

They were 16,691 visitors, including 6126 veterinarians, 1435 technicians, 561 practice managers, 459 support staff, 865 students, 3999 exhibitors, 157 press and PR, 2089 family and guests. Among 10 % came from other countries. We found 30 reasons to visit the NAVC, and enjoyed it all. Favoring wind put a group of five Ukrainian veterinarians under high equator sky.

And what did we see?

NAVC Exclusive Door-to-Door Transportation; Masterclasses; Online Learning Center; Fitness Classes; NAVC Practice Team Advantage; Word of Mouth as NAVC’s Better way to exchange of experience; Friend Unsurpassed Networking Opportunities; The Best Speakers; The Warmth of Florida in Winter; quintessence of 30 years of experience; Rated Among the Top Medical Conventions; Exotics Extraordinaire; Over 1,200 Scientific Sessions; Variety, Variety, Variety in Programming; Wholesome Family Venue; Quality Childcare; Clear Your Slate & Mind; Hands-on Labs; International Flavor; Win a Car!; Behind the Scenes Tours; Free Nightly Entertainment; Every Species & Specialty Imaginable; Professor Luncheon; 99% Satisfaction Rating from Veterinary Professionals; NAVC Relaxation Zone; to Earn as Many as 41.5 CE Credits in Just 5 Days Exhibit Hall Excitement; NAVC Unique Personal-Learning Style; Mobile App with Up-to-Minute Conference Details.

Several free days before the Conference allowed us to adapt to bustle about lizards, pensive crocodiles, air saturated with aromas of overseas flowers and herbs, and stars of the Cancer tropic. We had a time to visit entertainment parks, Florida is rich of them, and even enjoyed the sun at waterpark.

As everybody knows, each specialist elaborated personal education style, and his requirements are not less individual. That is why NAVC scientific program was elaborated with consideration of the variety strategies and modalities of learning. You can choose short but focused on personal experience sessions or opt for prolonged sessions for a more in-depth exploration of cutting-edge topics. Experts taught new learning technologies. Whatever your choice of programming, you will return home with new and practical knowledge that you can put in use immediately.

NAVC 2013 became an opportunity for us to refresh our mind, restore our body, to rekindle friendship and just plain have some fun. We didn't plan excursions at evening Orlando, so we could really enjoy with conversation with colleagues and friends in fairy atmosphere of evening extravaganzas!

If you decide to visit NAVC with your family, then reliable and quality specialists will care for your children, and there is shopping bus for your wife. You will free up your days to make the most of your NAVC experience. Simplicity and integrity of proposed education is amazing! Education material easily stay in your mind. All acquired knowledge needs to be implemented immediately, and I realized it, mastering new surgical knots.

Definitely, it's impossible to locate 1200 scientific sessions, master-classes, hands-on labs at one hotel. To solve this problem, the organizers of NAVC used five hotels. Till the earliest morning buses run between them with a 3 minute interval. One has a possibility to converse with citizens of US and other countries of the globe. We were pleasantly surprised: smile and several polite phrases are a standard in the public transport.

All who wished could immerse in everyday life of manatees, to fish on generous waters of the Gulf of Mexico and even to take part in a stylized "Serengeti Safari". NAVC slogan "Know It First" justified itself. Scientific sessions become a reflection of the cutting edge at all branches of veterinary medicine.

NAVC is not just for January of 2013! You can be updated the whole year by reading of Proceedings and receive refreshing knowledge, enjoying the "Clinician's Brief" – official NAVC magazine, and by visiting web-site

NAVC president Gatz Riddell told us about new trend in NAVC life – globalization. It reflected in rebranding of NAVC logo. Now a globe stands conspicuously on it. NAVC doesn't restrict its positioning with "Continuing education № 1 in US". NAVC Organizers strive for holding top globe position among CE since 2013. Undoubtedly, the fund of knowledge and positive experience we received thanks to NAVC organizers, allow us to improve veterinary medicine of Ukraine for the whole 2013 year. And we plan to meet our American colleagues again in the next year.


Author express gratitude to NAVC for financial support of participation of two Ukrainian veterinarians in the Event.