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Date of birth: February, 27th, 1973


1991 – 1996 – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Kyiv National Agricultural University. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Graduated summa cum laude.


1996 – 1997 – AAS Research Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory.

1997 – 1999 – «SOS» International Animal Protection Society. Pirogovo orphanage for stray animals.
Position: veterinarian.

1999 – 2005 – "Medisan-to" small animal veterinary clinic.
Position: veterinary surgeon.

2005 – up to date - "Zoovetservis" small animal veterinary clinic.
Position: senior veterinarian.

Advanced training:
  • 1998 – training at Doctor Mittelhubera`s clinic, Vienna, Austria.
  • 6.2001 - training at Small animal veterinary clinic of Hanover University, Germany (Charl Duisberg Society of postgraduate education).
  • 9.2001 - 11.2001 - training at First medical clinic of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ludwig-Maksimilians University, Munich, Germany (Charl Duisberg Society of postgraduate education).
  • 10.2004 - 10.2005 - internship at Surgical clinic of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ludwig-Maksimilians University, Munich, Germany.
  • 04.2008 - 06.2008 - training at Surgical clinic of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ludwig-Maksimilians University, Munich, Germany.
  • С 5.2001 по 5.2004 – соискатель степени кандидата ветеринарных наук факультета ветеринарной медицины, кафедры патологической анатомии Национального аграрного университета, г. Киев, научный руководитель Борисевич Б.В.
  • 05.2001 - 05.2004 - applicant for PhD degree at the Department of Pathological Anatomy of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of National Agricultural University, Kiev (scientific adviser B. Borisevich).
  • 05.2004 - doctor's thesis «Pathomorphologic changes of skin in dog demodicosis».
  • 04.2012 – Fortnight`s course «Oncology of small animals» by Dr. M. Jakunina at «Biocontrol» veterinary clinic, Moscow.
  • 06.2012 - Intensive workshop on oncology by prof. Hirschberger, MTK LMU Muenchen.
Report subjecs:

10.2011 – «Multicentric lymphoma. Clinical case of modified Wisconsin-Madison protocol use». (report at IX International congress of veterinary specialists, Ukraine)

11.2011 – «Dermatologic manifestation of endocrinal disorders in dogs» (report at IV International dermatological conference).

1.2012 – «Diagnostics and treatment features of diabetes in dogs» (master class at Second veterinary winter games in Podobovtse, Zakarpatskaya region.

4.2012 – «Diabetes in dogs: whether everything is clear?» report at "Center" veterinary clinic, Moscow.

1.06.2012 – «Diagnostics of pancreatic diabetes in dogs and cats. Therapy options. Features of first days and further monitoring of diabetic animals. Urgent conditions. Insulin resistance. Prevention and treatment of Somodgi syndrome» (Master class at XI International USAVA congress in Donetsk).

Professional community membership.

2012 - member of European Society of Veterinary Dermatology.


Lesson I:

Part I: «Oncologic patient in veterinary practice, features of treatment. Introduction in oncology, epidemiology of cancer, etiology and pathogenesis of neoplasic diseases»

Part II: Diagnostic method of neoplastic diseases. Cytological and histological sampling techniques. Bone biopsy material sampling. Bone marrow puncture».

Lesson II:

Part I: «Skin tumours. Clinical presentation, diagnostics, treatment options».

Part II: «Tumours of mammary glands. Neoplasms of male and female reproductive systems».

Lesson III:

Part I: «Lymphoproliferative diseases of dogs and cats».

Part II: «Systemic blood diseases. Immune diseases of blood».

Lesson IV:

Part I: «Chemotherapy in veterinary oncology, preparations, treatment protocols».

Part II: «By-effect of chemotherapy, complication and chemotherapy complications treatment modes. Hemotoxic therapy of tumor diseases».

Lesson V:

Part I: «Characteristics, diagnostics and treatment of exudations».

Part II: «Paraneoplastic syndromes».

Lesson VI:

Part I: «Particular oncology: nasal cavity tumours. Head tumours. Mast cell tumours».

Part II: «Abdominal cavity tumors . Principles of surgical treatment of oncologic patients».


Lesson I:

Part I: «Introduction in endocrinology. Tests used for diagnostics of endocrine disorders».

Part II: «Examination algorithm of polydipsia-polyuria animal».

Lesson 2:

Part I: «Thyroid gland diseases».

Part II: «Hyperthyroidism in dogs and cats».

Part III: «Hyperthyroidism in dogs and cats».

Lesson 3: «Diseases of pancreas».

Part I: «Pancreatic diabetes in dogs and cats».

Part II: «Hypoglycemia, insulinoma».

Lesson 4: «Dysfunction of adrenal glands».

Part I: «Hyperadrenocorticism».

Part II: «Hyperadrenocorticism».

Lesson 5:

Part I: «Algorithm of symmetric alopecia patient examination».

Part II: «Rare endocrine diseases (cat acromegalia, cat idiopathic hypercalcemia)».

Lesson 6:

Part I: «Urgent endocrine disorders, decision ways».

Part II: «Obesity in dogs and cats as endocrine disorders. Ways of problem solving».


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