Education Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Odessa Agricultural University.

Participation in conferences:

Report subjects:

  1. «Pathology of reptile reproductive system»
  2. «Veterinary herpetology course»:
Lesson I:

А. Anatomy and physiology (anatomic topography of organs) of reptiles: turtles, snakes, lizards.

Б. Fixation and blood drawing techniques, principals of clinical examination.

В. Practical part (Perfection of injection and palpation techniques, giving of medicinal preparations). L. Stoyanov

Lesson II:

А. Clinical diagnostics: normal blood indices, auscultation.

Б. Bacterial, fungal and viral infections of reptiles.

В. Therapy

Г. Practical part (autopsy).

Lesson III:

А. Analgesia and narcosis in reptiles.

Б. Surgical approach techniques in various kinds of reptiles.

В. Divers surgical intervention techniques.

Lesson IV

А. Parasitology

Б. Analysis of the most common pathologies of reptiles (interactive work with audience).

В. Practical part.