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Vice-president of Ukrainian Small Animal Veterinary Association, Professor, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Academician of Ukrainian Technological Academy (Department of Information science technologies, infrastructure of population life support and manufacturing automation).

EDUCATION: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Kharkov Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Breeding.

SPECIALIZATION: infectious and noninfectious diseases, epizootiology, immunology, hematology; diagnostics and prevention of hemodepressive and immunodepressive states, diagnostics and clinical evaluation of test results, computer diagnostics and modeling.

EXPERIENCE: 40 years of educational activities in Kharkov Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Breeding, later Kharkov State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Breeding, including positions of Head of Department of Tropical Livestock and Veterinary medicine and Head of Department of Epizootiology, Infectious Diseases and Organization of Veterinary Service. Head of Department of Diagnostics, Infectious Pathology and Zooanthroponosis of Kankan University, Republic of Guinea.


Medal «For many years of diligent work» from Presidium of Supreme Soviet of the USSR, 1989.

Breastplate «Veteran of veterinary medicine of Ukraine» from State Veterinary and Phytosanitary service of Ukraine «For long-term diligent work, high professionalism, outstanding success in scientific, practical and educational activities, considerable personal contribution to development of a veterinary medicine and active public work», 2013

Breastplate «Veterinary acknowledgement» from Ukrainian department of WSAVA, 2008.

USAVA prize «Veterinarian of the year», 2002. «For authority among doctors of veterinary medicine».

USAVA prize «Veterinarian of the year», 2009. «For the scientific contribution to development of small animal veterinary medicine».

USAVA prize «Veterinarian of the year», 2012. «For 50 years of diligent and creative work».

Printings and publications: more than 200 publications on veterinary medicine, including the book on diagnostics of bacterial and viral animal diseases, hematologic and immunologic research, diagnostics and prevention of hemodepressive and immunodepressive states etc.

Subjects of reports and training events.

  1. Features of development of clinical signs of infectious and noninfectious diseases. Clinical evaluation of laboratory tests.
  2. Principles of prevention, diagnostics and control of dermatophytoses and similar diseases.
  3. Bone marrow puncture as a basis of diagnostics, objective evaluation of hemopoiesis system state and immunological status, estimation of treatment accuracy. Acquiring of medullar, organ and tissue puncture skills.
  4. Prevention, diagnostics and control of animal diseases with nervous disorders. Do not miss rabies, encephalitis, Lime disease and other diseases with similar symptoms. Indications for spinal liquid sampling and analysis.
  5. What to do after blood sampling? Correct evaluation of blood analysis, treatment prescription, prognosis, drug disease prevention. Low cost and reliable methods of routine at veterinary clinic.


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