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Post-reliz Congress USAVA 2016!!!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016 17:29

On June 8 – 10 Lviv hosted annual XV International Scientific and Practical Veterinary Conference on Small Animals – «USAVA 2016». For many years USAVA brings together old and new friends, colleagues and all those passionate about the veterinary world. The participants of the Congress were veterinary scientists and practitioners from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldova, Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia, Belgium, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, as well as students, representatives of zoo veterinary field and pet breeders.

This year the conference took place in the congress-centre «Lviv» situated at the following address: 7 Chornovol Avenue, Lviv. The constant change of the conference venue is related to the annual increase in the number of people who wish to participate in this large-scale vet event.

This three-day conference took place in four conference halls which hosted five sections, 18 reporters, five master-classes.

This year the event was co-organized by the Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after Stepan Gzhytsky in the person of the Veterinary Faculty Dean who was kind enough to provide the necessary equipment for master-classes and the conference organizers are extremely grateful for it. For many years a devouted organizer of the conference is the President of the Ukrainian Association of Small Animals Veterinary Medicine Vladlen Ushakov.

The year we have had 512 participants! We are grateful to everyone who has become an inseparable part of that outstanding event.

On behalf of organizers of USAVA 2016 we express our deepest gratitude and respect to all the partners of the event: official sponsors – «AVZ» and «Trifar», official sponsor of the master-classes – «Teleoptic», sponsors – «Arsenal», «Kormotech», «Grand Sherif», «Hills», «VetExpert», «The World of Veterinary» and participants of the exhibition – «Bayer», «Acana», «Royal Canin», «Suzirya», «Arterium», «MSD», «Zoetis», «Frakishtak», «Triplex», as well as to all those who contributed to organizing of this event. We thank you for your hard work, huge patience and personal contribution of each of you into this three-day veterinary marathon that met all the expectations, for its level, professionalism and, what is the most important, for the result that our team wanted to achieve and has been working so hard.

This year we managed to bring together representatives of many countries: Wojtek Nizhansky (Poland), Zdzislaw Kelbovich (Poland), Krzysztof Kubiak (Poland), Fernando Parra (France), Maria Del Rossio (Spain), Leonid Stoyanov (Ukraine), Ekaterina Chernaya (Ukraine), Stefan Wolff (Germany), Vladimir Chernov (Ukraine), Maria Savinkina (Russia), Marina Kucherenko (Ukraine), Elmira Tomilina (Russia), Vera Olejnik (Russia), Ivan Stoikov (Ukraine), Dmitriy Berezhnoi (Ukraine), Sergei Shulga (Ukraine), Inna Makarina (Ukraine), Denis Seleznyov (Ukraine), Artem Kostiuk (Ukraine), Natalia Ignatenko (Ukraine).

Thus, the conference included the following fields of veterinary medicine: surgery, oncology, reproductology, ultrasound diagnostic of organs of abdominal cavity, EchoCG and Doppler sonography, veterinary management, ophthalmology, traumatology, reptile and rodent diseases, and also absolute novelty in the veterinary world – conflictology and veterinary business psychology. All the sections were followed up by master-classes or workshops, which allowed not only to master but also hone practical skills and also to have informal communication with the speakers. Judging from the impressions of the participants such format of conducting master-classes allows getting to know something new as well as inspiring further developments in this field. USAVA has a “New Talents” program, so it is possible that soon some of our inspired listeners will also become conference speakers and will share their knowledge with the next generation.

8th of June. FECAVA Day. During the opening day of our conference our participants had a chance to listen to the reports of Wojtek Nizhansky («Reproductology of dogs", "Feline reproduction," "Artificial insemination of dogs»), Zdzislaw Kelbovich (“Climical significance of modern diagnostic methods and surgical interference in case of canine discopathy”. Diseases of the anterior pole of eyeball and eyelid in dogs and cats), Krzysztof Kubiak (Breed-related malfunctions of liver and gastro-intestinal tract: how to detect and treat ИБД and Feline lymphoma: differential diagnostics and treatment), Leonid Stoyanov (The most common pathologies or reptiles and amphibians, new methods of diagnostics and treatment. Protozoiasis of reptiles, classification, ways of treatment), Ekaterina Chernaya (Anemias in ferrets. Diseases of urinary systems of duplicidentates and rodents. Teeth and their pathologies. All about malocclusion of rodents and duplicidentates). Also we would like to specially mention the report of the representative of “AVZ” company on the topic of canine and feline liver diseases and presentation of Hepasafe drug. On the eighth of June there were two parallel master-classes: Stephan Wolff (Plastics in oncology, visual methods of diagnostics in oncology, fundamentals of defectosurgery) and Vladimir Chernov (Ultrasound diagnostic of the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract). Master-classes consisted of theoretical and practical parts where the participants had a chance to train their practical skills on the animals and phantoms

9th of June. RSAVA and USAVA Day. During the second day of the conference we enjoyed the reports delivered by Maria Savinkina («The price elasticity in the services sector. Discounts for customers: myths and reality. Clinics middle management: five rules how to sale expensive goods and services. Assistant, from search to education of the Veterinary doctor»), Marina Kucherenko (Aggressive cat at the examination – non-stress check-up), Elmira Tomilina (Psychological portrait of modern Aibolit (vet doctor)), Vera Olejnik («Methods and principles of the medicines use in ophthalmology. Technique of animals’ treatment with traumatic proptosis of the eyeball. Diagnostics, therapeutic and surgical treatment in diseases of the third eyelid), Ivan Stoikov (Surgical manipulations in ear diseases), Dmitriy Berezhnoy (Mechanism of development of valgus changes of tubular bones), Sergei Shulga (Regional nerve block anesthesia during limb operations), Inna Makarina (Organ-saving active treatment technique for sciatic nerve injury), and also “AVZ” company lecturer with extremely interesting and important topic – Veterinary drugs of AVZ in ophthalmology. In parallel with lecture program there was master-class by Vladimir Chernov (Fundamentals of EchoCG and Doppler sonography), which included three parts – theoretical part, practical one and a round-table discussion.

The 10th of June. FECAVA and USAVA Day. The last, final day of the conference included the following reports: Stephan Wolff (Hemangiopericytomas. Feline fibrosarcoma. Soft-tissue sarcomas in dogs), Denis Seleznyov (Primary multiple neoplasms in lungs. Differential diagnostics), Artem Kostiuk (Spleen neoplasms), Natalia Ignatenko (Differential diagnosis of lymphadenopathy. Lymph nodes increase). The conference ended with a master-class by Vera Olejnik (Ophthalmology), including theoretical and practical parts with practicing acquired skills on animals and phantoms, and master-class of Elmira Tomilina that deserves particular attention as the topic is absolutely new and at the same time of crucial importance for all of us. The training included systemic analysis and constructive communication techniques used by professional mediators and negotiators. The training was organized in the form of exercises and case-study method with feedback. We want to separately express our gratitude to «Тeleoptic» company, which was an official sponsor of all the master-classes.

Following the best traditions of USAVA-Congresses we have had an entertainment program, which is absolutely free for all the participants of our event. This year our friends and colleagues had a chance to go on small group tour guided excursions along the central part of the city. Two-hour excursion allowed our participants to get new interesting information not only about veterinary but also about the history of Lviv. And at the end of the second conference day all the participants, sponsors and speakers were in for a nice surprise – beer «Stargorod-Party», which took place in the Czech brewery «Stargorod». It seemed that nobody was indifferent to various contests, show-program, presentation of grilled pig, dances, meat snacks and lots of beer! Also, within the show-program there was an annual veterinary award ceremony in the nomination «Veterinarian of the Year».

The contest had six nominations:

The 1st nomination — «Lecturer of the Year». Dmitry Berezhnoi. Ukraine.

The 2nd nomination — «For Popularization of Veterinary Knowledge». Wojtek Nizhansky, Poland.

The 3rd nomination – «For Irreproachable Professional Service and Development of Veterinary Medicine in Ukraine». Andrey Didukh.

The 4th nomination – «For the Merciful Treatment of Animals». Elena Yakovets. Ukraine.

The 5th nomination – «For Business Development in the Field of Small Animal Veterinary Medicine». Anna Kondratieva.

The 6th nomination – «For Outstanding Achievements in Small Animal Veterinary Practice». Ivan Stoikov. Ukraine.

A trip to the Opera House was a special occasion for all the speakers at the conference to submerge into the beautiful and friendly atmosphere of Lviv.

Lots of meeting participants has shared their impressions and kind words about the event and organizers of the event. Here are some of them:

Andrey Lobov

To all the organizers and participants of USAVA, in particular, V. Ushakov! I want to cordially thank you for the excellent organization of the event where I obtained a wealth of new knowledge from real professionals in the field, and also for the unforgettable feeling of Lviv atmosphere! Thank you for knowledge, experience, motivation, good company and excellent organization! I recommend all the colleagues to visit such events, and, believe me, you’ll never regret it!!!

USAVA Congress 2016 )))

Unreal emotions, emotions, emotions!!!

To tell the truth, so many days have passed already, but I still feel this warm atmosphere, I am filled with new thoughts and ideas and lots of positive emotions.

Great thanks to the organizers — Vladlen Ushakov and his team! Everything was fantastic and if somebody says that something was wrong, let this person organize a similar event))) Many thanks once again! Well done! Wish you success and prosperity!!!

I am thankful to all the lecturers, and in particular Elmira Tomilina. I have no words to express my feelings! If one looks at me when I share my impressions about this person, everything is written on my face. If you have such a teacher in your life, not just learn from her, but live this day with her, breathe the air together with her, enjoy the very fact that there is such a person in your life. Sometimes this can change everything in your life.

Maria Savinkina is a ray of light, a positive person and a mega expert in her field. If you start your own business, ask her. If you think that you are the cleverest, the most experienced and know what’s what, just go to her not to feel the mistakes on your own skin)))

Masha and Elmira! You are great, fantastic, amazing, beautiful ladies and real professionals! Thank you for sharing your experience!

Oleg Plevinskiy

Good afternoon! This congress focused not only on the topical medical issues, but also on the topic of communication between doctors and patients, and very often it is even more important than treatment. One can be a good doctor, but a bad communicator, and all your medical skills re downgraded by this mere fact. It’s a very topical issue. I came back home charged with new ideas. I am still devouring what I heard. Thank you very much for organizing this event! I like Piggy and lots of tasty food in the restaurant. It’s obvious you did not try to save on us. Many thanks once again!

USAVA Congress 2016 in Lviv left the most positive and happy impressions.

At the congress you immediately felt this fantastic friendly atmosphere of mutual understanding and professionalism, which makes it really pleasant to share your knowledge and experience with colleagues.

I want to emphasize great organization of lectures and technical provision of master-classes that ensured comfortable learning environment.

Excursion about amazing ancient streets of Lviv... Meetings and communication with colleagues in this warm atmosphere of ancient Lviv create an impression of a real professional holiday.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Vladlen Ushakov for his hard work in organizing this great event.

Sincerely and gratefully, veterinary ophthalmologist V. Olejnik

ЗCertainly, one can feel the atmosphere of USAVA-Congress only by attending it personally. That is why the organizers prepared for you another conference that will take place in August. Follow our news and do not miss the opportunity to become part of this event! Animal health is the matter of our life!

We have started preparations for USAVA 2017.

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