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Monday, 16 January 2017 22:15


1-2 June 2017

Within the bounds of USAVA Congress 2017

Mykola Hohol Theatre

EthnoEcoAgroFarmstead “Lyalina Svitlitsya” studio showroom

Program of the first international

EthnoEcoFest 2017

2 June 2017

How is Ukraine?

Hospitable, warm, delicious, melodious, creative, optimistic, reach in culture, history and talented people. EthnoVetFest popularizes first of all Poltava region like a culture center of folk cuisine and natural foods and purposes to unite veterinarians and to return some forgotten tradition to carouse in the Ukrainian way. During EthnoVetFest delicious and incredibly nourishing dishes like Poltava borsch, corn kasha and verguntsi-molodsi will be cooked in the way grannies of our grannies did it. Only organic and clean foodstuffs will be used. Organic, natural, clean and delicious food only!

17.30-23.00 Cooking borsches in pots in stove according to original folk recipe.

Two cooks will make three sorts of borsch each in free clay pots simultaneously.

1. Scoromniy borsch (with meat, common for each cook`s family and somehow perfected).

2. Fast borsch (everyday borsch).

3. Special borsch (cooked according to mother`s, grandmother`s or mother`s-in-law recipe i. e. according to time-tested cooking technology).

Tentative “Borsch menu” of EthnoVetFest 2017:

17:00–23:00 – приготовление БОРЩЕЙ в горшках в печах по оригинальной народной рецептуре

Cook #1:

1. Borsch with ribs

2. Red borsch with pears

3. Borsch with strawberries

Cook #2:

1. Borsch with meat

2. Borsch crucians

3. Borsch with secret ingredient

You will have an opportunity to taste the specialties of the house: borsch with quail by EthnoEcoAgroFarmstead and classic Poltava borsch with small boiled dumplings by our culinary expert Katerina Pischalenko.

PARALLEL to regaling with borsches reconstruction of wedding in the village of Opishnya will take pace (17.00-23.00).

EthnoEction in persons and roles.

Ceremony of wedding round loaf cooking. Costumes, entourage, dances, songs and music

It will be fabulous! Make breathtaking photos!

Everybody can take part in EthnoWedding. Age and sex doesn’t matter.


17:00 Inauguration of the First International Gastronomic EthnoVetFest.

17:30–18:00 Master class of unique corn kasha cooking with degustation. Participants are invited to gastronomic EthnoVetBattle to cook national dishes.

18:00–20:00 EthnoWedding in persons.

20:00–21:00 Presentation of borsches with degustation. Taste, vote and elect the winner!

21:00–22:00 Festivities: Announcement of winners, presentation of prizes, lighting and jumping over traditional fire.

Participants are invited to dance EthnoVetBattle to perform national dances.

22:00–23:00 SuperEthnoDiscotheque.

During EthnoVetFest you will have a unique opportunity to regale yourself with borsches cooked on stove and with other traditional dishes and drinks.

  • Poltava dumplings
  • Dumplings with cabbage and sour cream
  • Dumplings with potato and sour cream
  • Krucheniki with nuts
  • Verguni shlyahetski
  • Grechaniki
  • Shuliki with poppy seed and honey
  • Sour fermented drink
  • Ternivka
  • Varenukha
  • Tertukha
  • Bodyanivka
  • Perchakivka
  • Muselets

A surprise is waiting for you. Come and find out what it is!

24:00 – Closing of EthnoVetFest

Welcome to Poltava for an unprecedented event!

EthnoVetFest 2017


phone: +38050-336-98-10

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