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Friday, 07 July 2017 00:38

01-03 June in Poltava, 23, Sobornosti Street, “N.V. Gogol Theater” there was held the annual THE MOST OUTSTANDING FORUM 2017 in Ukraine USAVA-CONGRESS 2017 on VETERINARY MEDICINE OF SMALL ANIMALS, PROFESSIONALISM AND BUSINESS, as well as the first ETHNOVETFEST-2017

01–03 июня в Полтаве USAVA-КОНГРЕСС 2017


These people have proved their success with high profit and recognition of the professional community. We learned from them some secret tips they did not reveal anywhere else.

01–03 июня в Полтаве USAVA-КОНГРЕСС 2017

01–03 июня в Полтаве USAVA-КОНГРЕСС 2017


  • Have made an annual business plan of our promotion as a veterinarian.
  • Have learned how to create professional skills and consolidate them.
  • Have mastered to offer our services not by forcing ourselves, but in the process of work and very effectively.
  • Have got the algorithm of surgical, laboratory, endocrinological, cardiological and other actions.
  • Have taken the first steps on delegating the part of your tasks and building your team.
  • Understood what words and actions will contribute in attracting your target audience.
  • Have transformed your social media page into a powerful mean for customers’ attraction.
  • Established partnership with other participants of the congress.
  • Found a veterinarian, manager or other team member.
  • In a relaxed atmosphere, talked with people who define the image of Ukrainian veterinary business.

It is important for us that you take the time and attended USAVA-CONGRESS 2017, as well as ETHNOVETFEST-2017!

We would like to express our special gratitude to the partners of USAVA Congress of 2017: Congress of 2017: ABZ, Acana, Canvit, Biomir, Arterium, Barbus, Bayer, Vetexport, StarPetFood, Suzirya, Product, Teleoptik, Tigers, Mir Vetirinarii, Hill’s, Triplex, Mental, UVT.

партнеры USAVA Конгресса 2017

01USAVA Congress has provided THREE DIRECTIONS

We forget often that treatment is only a part of the work of a veterinarian. The other two are looking for new ideas, sources of education and customer relations via services provision. At the conference, we gathered three components together, giving the opportunity to gain knowledge in all areas.


Natalia Ignatenko is the first president of the European College of Internal Diseases ECVIM-CA in Ukraine. Andrei Komolov – the one of the wisest veterinarians in Russia. Wojciech Nizanski is one of the leading reproductive specialists in Europe and Poland. Vladimir Mitin - one of the best managers of veterinary medicine in Russia. Matthew Pead is one of gentlemen in the veterinary of England, also working as RVC in London, DVM and the Director of the Center for Clinical Skills in the UK. Federico Fracassi - one of the leading endocrinologists in Europe and Italy, a diplomat of the European College of Internal Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences. Maria Savinkina knows everything about the veterinary management of Russia. Elena Bazhibina is a leading Russian laboratory assistant. We are sure the Congress’ participants were do well to learn from them.

03USAVA offers new business relations and experience exchange

You will not become a professional, if still are closed in your shell. You can do more than you think, when you are together with like-minded people. At USAVA-Congress 2017 you have not only found colleagues to share ideas, but also were the first to get knowledge from people who create and develop the veterinary market with their own hands.

04USAVA real cases overview

No beating the air wasting words. At the congress, you got issues for problems solution that you and thousands of other veterinarians could not cope with for a long time.


84% of veterinarians, who visited our previous events, attend the following. They include both beginners, and professionals. Pavel Pulnyashenko, Dmitry Berezhnoy, Natalya Ignatenko, Sergei Kiyanchenko, Sergei Tkachenko, Maria Tkachenko, Galina Mazurkevich, Alexander Kudryavtsev, Andrey Kurach, Ruslan Islamov, Igor Plesivtsev, Anna Kondratyeva, Andrei Lyashchenko, Natalya Komaeva, Ivan Stoikov, Yaroslav Tishchenko, Pavel Karataev, Vladislav Kozlovsky, Leonid Stoyanov - they all started with us. Over the years of fruitful cooperation, these people have not only advanced in the art of veterinary medicine, but also increased their income and the number of clinics. Many have even grown to lecturers and speak to you today.

06USAVA this is USAVA

We are the first who hold the Congress with speakers’ membership and program related not only to veterinary medicine, but also professionalism and business. To get the same scope of knowledge as offered at the USAVA-Congress 2017, you would have to attend three separate conferences. USAVA is the life energy for a veterinarian!


USAVA gives an opportunity to be among those people who determine the development trends of veterinary medicine in Ukraine for a year ahead. Having advance knowledge of course of events, you skim the cream before your competitors react.

08USAVA revealed the professionals’ success secrets

The professionalism of the great consists of imperceptible little things invisible for others. At USAVA-Congress 2017 you will discover the secret.

09USAVA – this means FAST RESULTS

At USAVA-Congress 2017, we applied a conceptually new approach to the conduct of the veterinary business. It is aimed at minimizing your time spending and maximizing the result. Consider by yourself - in three days you got as much knowledge as you used to get for several separate courses. Furthermore, this is not a simple theory, but ready-to-use tips, methods, techniques, approaches in the field of surgery, endocrinology, laboratory diagnostics, felinology, management, promotion in social networks, customer search and so on.

10EthnoVetFest 2017

USAVA-Congress for veterinarians and their families has organized an incredible trip to the past of their country. USAVA honors the history of its country, as well as the history and traditions of delegates from all over the world.

11USAVA Commemorates

We remembered our teachers. S.V. Aranchiy and V.N. Mitin and honored their memory. The affairs of our teachers live in us. We saw the Theatrical Performance "The Last Love of Hetman".


Леонид Стоянов1st nomination “For scientific contribution to the development of veterinary medicine of small domestic animals”. The prize is awarded to Leonid Stoyanov.

Сергей Ткаченко2nd nomination “For popularization of veterinary knowledge”. The prize is awarded to Sergey Tkachenko. Сергій Ткаченко.

Мария Щанкина3rd nomination “For the impeccable serving the profession and the development of veterinary medicine of Ukraine”. The prize is awarded to Maria Schankina.

Максим Диденко4nd nomination “Compassionate treatment of animals”. The prize is awarded to Maxim Didenko.

Руслан Исламов5th nomination “For the development of business in the field of veterinary medicine of small domestic animals”. The prize is awarded to Ruslan Islamov.

Вячеслав Козловский6th nomination “For outstanding achievements in practical clinical care of small domestic animals”. The prize is awarded to Vladislav Kozlovsky.

13Feedback on USAVA-Congress

And again three wonderful days at the annual USAVA- Congress! Thanks to the organizers for such wonderful opportunity to communicate with colleagues from different countries and just have a great time! As always, everything is super!

  Inna Makarina (owner of the veterinary clinic “Red Cat”, Kiev)

Every year we go to the congress and wait for miracles! We are very grateful to the organizers of USAVA-Congress for great lecturers; the real-life communication with them stimulates us to professional growth. I like for merry leisure! We are waiting for the next year!

  Galina Mazurkevich

Thanks a lot for the nice pictures and the beautiful congress! The congress was very good and all of you were fantastic!

  Federico Fracassi(lecturer of USAVA-Congress 2017)

This Congress left a huge number of positive impressions.... Our Veterinary Family this a big Clan consolidated by Vladlen Ushakov ... The main thing is to go ahead and not to stop .... Well, as paratroopers say, “Nobody but us”.

  Maria Schankina

The most positive and unrealistically cool event in veterinary medicine!

  Elena Marchuk

Veterinarians, this is the power, thanks to organizers and Poltava for hospitality!

  Victoria Kosinets

We did our best))! Vladlen Ushakov, thank you!! The Congress was perfect))! I get a real energy and I feel excited ;)

  Maria Savinkina (lecturer of USAVA-Congress 2017)

I attend different congresses. But no other congress made me as inspired as USAVA. The most important thing is that out there we not only get information on how to treat properly, but also comprehensive support, namely how to conduct our business, how to get psychological release, the current trends in veterinary medicine. Thank you very much for such congresses.

  Oleg Plevinsky (lecturer of USAVA-Congress 2017)

Federico Fracassi made clear that there a lot of thing to learn. One day it is not enough, I want to have some more. I hope we will meet with you in summer school of the veterinary endocrinology.

  Evgeny Shevchenko

Many thanks to USAVA Congress organizers! I passed 3 days wonderful that I don’t want to forget! A lot of positive impressions)) It is pity that everything came to the end! Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn something new! See you next time!

  Anastasia Shevchuk

At USAVA we not only learn, but also have fun :-)

  Elena Vereshchagina

Wojciech is s always perfect! We listen to the reproductive medicine with pleasure)))

  Anna Kondratieva


14Результаты СОЦОПРОСА об USAVA-конгрессе

Результаты СОЦОПРОСА об USAVA-конгрессе

Результаты СОЦОПРОСА об USAVA-конгрессе

Результаты СОЦОПРОСА об USAVA-конгрессе

Результаты СОЦОПРОСА об USAVA-конгрессе

Результаты СОЦОПРОСА об USAVA-конгрессе

Результаты СОЦОПРОСА об USAVA-конгрессе

We do not stand still and have already started to work for the USAVA Congress 2018, which will be held on May 17-18-19 - THE MOST OUTSTANDING FORUM 2018 in Ukraine on VETERINARY MEDICINE OF SMALL ANIMALS, PROFESSIONALISM AND BUSINESS! Do not miss 3 days of live communication with the leading veterinary specialists of Ukraine and the world!

Still have questions? Please get in touch with us! +38 050 336 98 10; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

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